Craneos Blancos

The Invisible Beast

An uknown foe presents a decision.

As Four college students are walking home one afternoon, a horrific roar more kin to a scream bellows out. Just a moment later, a large piece of rubble falls pinning a man, knocking a elderly woman down. The rest of the crowd not close enough to get hurt flee in a panic.

The four students, a young girl living with her grandparents, a Mexican exchange student(subject to change), a football player, and an “Average Joe”, are standing on the opposite sidewalk when they hear the deafening roar and witness this event. They, however are able to make out a large, humanoid figure, as large as the building, standing next to the damaged corner. The figure is barely visible, resembling perhaps heat rising from a hot road.

The students seem to react instinctively and without saying a word, all rush to help the two injured people. The football player, Zid, lifts the rubble off the man and begins to carry him away. The exchange student, nicknamed “El Bandito”, helps the elderly woman to her feet and begins to walk her away. The young girl, Chilaili, tries to distract the monster by throwing her books at it. She misses with first one and hits its food with the second. The monster however doesn’t seem to notice. The “Average Joe”, Ekhart Crowley, helped to make sure the stunned witnesses were alright.

During this ordeal, the beast becomes more and more visible. It it is a giant humanoid with a horrifying white mask resembling a skull. Its roar is a piercing scream. It seems aimless and angry.

Just as the the beast makes a swing at the students, a bright red slash flashes on the beast, splitting it in half. All of the witnesses make it away and a man wearing a green cloak, and clogs is the only one standing there. He has a sword in his hands. He sheaths his sword and moves towards the students. He says “Jinta, Ururu, take these two injured people to the hospital.” With out a word two small children carry out these orders.

The man in the green cloak says “You should come with me.” The students are hesitant. Chilaili replies “Why? Who are you?” Bandito agrees with Chilaili’s questioning. The man says “Urahara, you need to come with me.” Chilaili boldly refuses; “How can we trust you? We saw you take down that beast, we aren’t going until you give us some answers!” “You should go with the master.” a deep, loud says from behind the girl. Chilaili quickly turns around to see a large, muscular man in overalls. “I’m not going!” she yells at him. “I must insist!” he replies as he picks her up, holder her under his arm. Seeing this, her friends decide its in their best interest to follow the man.

A short walk later, they all arrive at a small shop down an alleyway. Chilaili had been kicking and screaming the whole time while under the man’s arm. They follow Urahara to the back of the store and down some stairs. The room they arrive at is unimaginably huge. Its too big to exist it seems; much larger than the room upstairs. There’s even a sky! The ground is a hard beige rock.

Shortly after stepping off the last step. The large man puts the girl down. She dusts herself off and looks at him angrily. “Its about time!” she spouts at him. Urahara looks at her and says, “You’ll have to forgive Mr. Tesai. He is loyal to a fault.”

“Follow me.” Urahara says to the students. Mr. Tesai, a small boy and girl, and a young man with wild red hair and a headband follow as well. He leads them roughly about 200 yards in. There are four large holes in a row. They are about 15ft across and seem bottomless. “Well, lets get started.” says Urahara. Before the students have the chance to react, there souls are literally ripped from there bodies. A chain attached to a plug that is attached roughly to the center of their chests dangles to ground them seems to continue on into infinity. Just as the students notice, each of Urahara’s friends took a student and broke the chain, then pushed them down a hole. One student for each.

(still not finished)



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